High Speed Video, Launch Monitor, Pressure Mapping,
BLAST Motion Putting Technology now available to you at Oak Knoll C.C.

Video Analysis emailed to you with each session.

Yes, you can really take 10 strokes off of your handicap at Howes Golf! We help golfers get better. Come discover your game with us.
Breaking 90 consistently – read the story:
"My handicap index prior to training was a 23. Now my index is 14.2......that's an improvement of almost 10 in my hncp!  In fact, as of this testimonial, my last 14 rounds have all been in the mid 80's consistently.
Here’s what happened -
I started out working with Michael Howes in a putting course to learn how to read greens, which was very beneficial in determining slopes and trusting your putting stroke. Michael helped me develop my "green reads", "feel", and "routine".
Nothing like learning to get the ball in the hole, right? Next step was developing confidence in my “swing”.
We then moved on to a six week “Swing Coaching Program”. Michael coached me on the fundamentals like adjusting grip, aim, and stance.
All of these proper alignments actually do improve your game! Then the hard part came:
·         Learning how to swing a club more efficiently
·         Adding Club head speed
·         Balance and Finish (weight shift)
Neat “tech fact” - Michael, with the use of his FlightScope launch monitor computer, moved my swing path from 6* out to in to 2* in to out.
Why is that important and how did that help? He took away my amateur slice with one simple club direction change.  WOW!!
Then he dug in his bag of tricks and gave me a “Swish Stick” which increased my club head speed at exactly the right time, at IMPACT.
Why is this important? This increased the distance I hit all of my clubs!
If you are struggling with your game or just want to fix some inconsistencies, I highly suggest working with Howes Golf.
I promise that you will find this complicated game of golf more enjoyable."



Michael Howes began his golf journey in 1992 and has been passionately helping golfers improve their games as Director of Instruction at Carter Plantation Golf Course and now as Head Golfing Professional at Oak Knoll C.C.
Michael is an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine. He has studied under many of golf's top instructors, including long time mentor and Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Rob Noel. 
Sessions utilize the latest in golf instruction technology to insure you the fastest and most accurate path to improvement.

Student's Success Story

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Michael for the last few years. Under his direction my game has improved dramatically. I’ve just had my best season yet on the “Golf Channel Am Tour” and owe a lot of that success to what Michael has taught me - I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks a million!” J. Baugh

Golf Channel AM Tour
Major at Streamsong Resort. Tampa, FL
Result: 1st Place
Golf Channel AM Tour
Tour Championship at Magnolia Grove, AL
Result: 1st Place